Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Fifth Key

After completing the Fourth Key, players recieved an email from The Twelve:

"The Twelve congratulates you on finally solving the riddle. You have assisted us in unlocking the Fourth Key. This is well deserved on your part.

Attached are two files. The sigil for the Fourth Key as well as a package which will greatly assist you in your next task; unlocking the Fifth Key.

Good luck, young Acolyte.

The Twelve "

As well as the sigil of the Fourth Key, there was a .zip file attached named "".

Inside are four .wav files:
"we.wav", "are.wav", "now.wav", "waiting.wav"

The audio files seem to be a UK-accented female voice speaking some kind of poem or riddle. The audio files have been placed under all kinds of effects such as reversing, changing pitch, speed and adding echoes.

Players are still trying to discover the secrets of the audio files.