Friday, December 24, 2004

The Second Key

After unlocking the First Key and discovering the oldest mention of Adramelech and his cult, players recieved an email, containing praises on our work so far as well as a clue:

You should be able to work it out."

A player discovered the next website:

Players found the following; morse code, scrambled text, another line of text, a dark image of a gate and forest behind it and a username/password box.

Page Title:
"Username=our master"

In Morse code:
"look beyond face value"

Which led to the page source code, containing:
"text below= 13-5-L16 (In other words, rot it- take 13 and rot it - take 5 and rot it- look at 16)"

This served as a decypering code that helped us to ROT the scrambled text, revealing:
"You have cleared the First Key, now what lies beyond is the Second. Through the Gate of Darkness and you are another step closer to assisting us releasing Adramelech into the world. The only way to unlock this Gate is to decypher the code below it. Using this combination. ROT thirteen and reverse order letter. "

Which gave us the method of unscrambling the one line of jumbled text, resulting with:

Players worked out that the username is 'Adramelech' and the password is 'hewillriseaboveluciferandbeelzebub'. When this combination was entered into the password gate, it lead us to this page:

Containing; The Second Key and a passage of Morse code, translating to:

Another development from the Jake side of the ARG, via email:
"It's Jake...
Something terrible has happened.
As I said before, I was discussing with some others who were trying to escape this nightmare and assist me in stopping them.
The Twelve have discovered one of us who were trying to get out of that horrible group. I won't say his cult name or that would reveal too much, but his real name was Mark. He was discovered this afternoon with terrible body wounds... the police were stumped as to the cause of injury.
Let's just say what killed poor Mark was in no way human.
I feel like this is my fault... he was killed because he wanted to help me.
I must tread even more carefully than I did before.

A player caught Jake online MSN Messenger and was able to chat for a few minutes with him:
"geenomepops says: hi, this is SkaterAl from the Unforum boards. I'm sorry to hear about Mark.
mynameisjake says: Thanks for your condolences... He was a good man at heart, just got caught up in all this shit... Like I am.
geenomepops says: I just hope that the rest of you can stay moderately safe.
mynameisjake says: We're trying to stay hidden... I'm not quite sure what went wrong with Mark. I wouldn't be surprised if it was them and their dark magics.
mynameisjake says: Security around The Twelve's been increased lately... They won't let any of the Acolytes get close to them. I think they suspect an assassination attempt.
mynameisjake says: We considered it, but realised they would see us coming a mile away. They have incredibly effective divination methods.
mynameisjake says: I shouldn't really be online, but one of the others had an idea. Since I'm the only one with Internet access, I'm just researching up on something.
geenomepops says: what would that be?
mynameisjake says: Something that might be able to assist us with all this. I won't let out too much yet in case it turns out to be a red herring.
mynameisjake says: Anyway... is there anything you would like to know? I'm not sure how much longer I can risk being online.
geenomepops says: there anything that our group can use/do to help aid you, other than what we have?
mynameisjake says: Actually... yes, there is. mynameisjake says: There's something else going on. Alot of lesser demons have been flying around. They are loyal to Adramelech, but not such a burden other than the fact that they could report back to him if they discover anything about us.
mynameisjake says: What we could use is a method for binding them with magic.
mynameisjake says: You may not be inclined to believe such things... but they do exist.
mynameisjake says: Try and find anything you can to help us. I believe it would be easier to find information if you used the word "magick" rather than "magic".
mynameisjake says: I've got to go... thanks for everything you are doing for us."

This lead us to believe that we must find a method of "defensive magick" to help Jake with these demons. Whether this is a major trail in the game or just a side-quest, we are not quite sure yet.

After this, there was an update on the "heisrising" LiveJournal community (a.k.a the Online Gathering Circle):
"One of the traitors was found. Tt was our very own brother, Arrelius. We discovered how he planned to betray our master, and we sacrificed one of our own so that Adramelech could manifest in the physical world for just a few minutes. He took care of the traitor with ease. Brothers, do not assist the traitors in anyway or you shall share Arrelius's fate."

This confirmed what we already knew from Jake, but has risen an interesting point which may be of some importance; this has confirmed that members of the cult have cult names in addition to their legal names (Arrelius=Mark), but the cultists only know each other by their cult names. This is how Jake is able to tell us his real name without much fear of being caught, as we do not yet know his cult name.


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try adramelech / Hewillriseaboveluciferandbeelzebub as login / pwd :)
and the second key will be yours

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