Friday, December 24, 2004

The Beginning

It all started with an email:

"I apologise for this, but I have hardly any time at all. I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't have paid for this session with their money... They'll know which one I am if I give you too much information. All I can tell you is my name is Jake. They will not know me by that name, but the one they gave me... I cannot speak of it.
I'm sorry for being so cryptic, but as I said, revealing too much information will certainly kill me.
They are doing horrible things, terrible things that I've seen with my own eyes. I joined them because it looked fun at first. I had no idea that a human could possess such... abilities.
They are trying to raise up... him. The one they call Adramelech. They are his servants and are trying to bring him into this world. They are performing ancient rites and are getting closer...
They believe he can be brought through the internet and incarnate into every port connected to it. If this occurs, he will be able to manifest into the real world... and then its over.
Please, I know my story sound unbelievable but if you can assist me, reply as soon as possible.
I don't know how long we have left."

After replying to the email, players recieved the following:

"Thankyou for your offer to help...You see, I'm trying to sort out a few things here. I might be able tospeak to a few members of the cult that I suspect are also looking fora way out of this. I'll keep you informed.
For the moment, try and discover as much information as you can aboutthe Servants of Adramelech.
Their website is:
Good luck, you'll be hearing from me soon.

So began the ARG known to us players as the Cult of Adramelech.


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